Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge




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 Hi Everyone,

Today I have another diet tip for your German Shepherd Dog.  It is fall again, and for those that live in rural parts of the United States that means it is hunting season and more specific it is deer season.  Here in Oklahoma, we have two large deer processors nearby and daily I collect their scraps from their deer processing operations.  I usually pick up four large trash cans full of meat and fresh bones.  We separate the bones from the meat scraps and place the bones in the kennels every evening.  The following day we remove the bones before they dry out and become brittle and, therefore, become possibly a danger by breaking off in sharp shards.

Heidelberg's William Loves Deer Bones

Heidelberg’s William Loves Deer Bones

Fresh bones have the consistency of a bar of soap in that you can shave them as you can shave soap.  Fresh bones in moderation are easily chewed and digested by German Shepherd Dogs.  We even provide bones to puppies as young as 8-weeks-old.  Our shepherds enjoying chewing off the fresh meat still attached to the bones and they enjoy eating some of the bones and the nutrient rich marrow inside the long bones. Our shepherd get very fat and healthier in the fall.  In addition to the nutritional benefits of fresh bones, the process of chewing on the bones removes all the tarter off our shepherds’ teeth.

Grand Champion, Champion Heidelberg's Kodi has a Perfect Smile Because He Keeps His Teeth Clean from Chewing on Deer Bones

Grand Champion, Champion Heidelberg’s Kodi has a Perfect Smile Because He Keeps His Teeth Clean from Chewing on Deer Bones

Give your German Shepherd Dog fresh bones from time to time.  Find a deer processor near you, and ask them if you can collect some fresh leg bones from them.  Offer to bring a container that they can throw the bones in it for you.  Most processor are more than happy to provide their bones to you.  For the most part they just throw them away anyway.  Collect and freeze enough to provide a fresh bone treat to your German Shepherd Dog a couple of times a month.

Note a word of caution: if you have not previously given fresh bones to your shepherd, you may need to monitor their consumption for the first couple of times because they literally will eat all the bones that you give them, which can cause gastric upset and constipation.  Your shepherd never before having fresh bones will devour them as a kid would if they were experiencing chocolate for the first time as teenager.  No amount will satisfy.  Once you give your shepherd bones on a regular basis of a couple times per month they will then just chew on them and eat very little of the actual bone, which is what you want.  After twenty-four hours remove any uneaten bones from the yard and throw them away.

12-Month-Old Heidelberg's Nelson With A Perfect Smile

12-Month-Old Heidelberg’s Nelson With A Perfect Smile

If you are considering getting a German shepherd puppy consider getting one of our older puppies and save a little money on some very high quality shepherds.

Please continue to check out our web page as we post updates on available litters: https://kgsd.inventivehorizons.com/PuppiesForSale.htm.   We have several wonderful puppies that that are ready to go home.

Ask me a Question and I will provide my opinion.   Also, please see our web page: KeystoneGermanShepherds




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