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Who Are We?

Located in Oklahoma, we breed only the Heidelberg type of German Shepherd Dogs. Heidelberg’s are the “old fashioned type of German Shepherds” as they were originally bred to be aesthetically pleasing, yet highly functional as a companion, protector, and herding dog. Heidelberg German Shepherds are bred especially for outstanding, predictable temperament and intelligence. We specialize in shepherds that work for families providing protection and companionship.

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What is a Heidelberg?

We were raising German Shepherd Dogs when in 1996, we discovered the Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog Kennel due to the advent of the internet.

We made the 1,000-mile round trip to see these Heidelberg’s first hand. Once we discovered the Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog, we have never bred any other type of shepherd. They are truly the “Real Deal”. There are no more loyal, intelligent, healthier, and beautiful German Shepherd Dogs in the world.

Stories From Shepherd Owners

Before you read, more about Heidelberg German shepherds know this…Our Champions and non-Champions will protect their families by sacrificing their own lives without hesitation if necessary to prevent harm to the family or property. Our German Shepherds are naturally the best companions and protectors you will ever find for your children, family pets, and property. Our German shepherds are true herding dogs with herding instincts intact, and your family and property become theirs’ in their mind.

The following stories are true: