Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

 Hi Everyone,

Damon is a young 14-month-old, long-coat Heidelberg German shepherd that has almost completed his first level of Rally.  Damon and his owner  went out to the barn to feed their horses .  Damon is still on leash while feeding because he likes to chase the neighbor’s cats (he mainly wants to play) and he wants to herd the horses at inappropriate times.  The owner had experienced some health problems and has been falling a lot, and this time she fell at the barn and badly twisted her leg.  She screamed and dropped the leash.

A Six-Month-Old Heidelberg's Damon Relaxing at Home

A Six-Month-Old Heidelberg’s Damon Relaxing at Home

Once she had dropped the leash she thought ‘oh no Damon is going to chase the horses and I am hurt too bad to stop him.  However to her surprise Damon straddled her while she was lying down and stood over her until she was able to stand.  Damon stood there on alert guarding her and trying to figure out what happened and why did his owner fall.  She said, ‘it was so obvious he was guarding me’.  Damon completely ignored the neighbor’s cats and horses and focused completely on protecting his owner.  Once Damon realized there was no real threat he got behind his owner and started pushing on her back with his head to help nudge her up.

A Six-Month-Old Heidelberg's Damon Sitting Nicely at Home

A Six-Month-Old Heidelberg’s Damon Sitting Nicely at Home

I have experienced similar behavior with our Heidelberg German shepherd while falling in the show ring.  I have taken some hard falls over the years while running around the ring and each time our shepherds have immediately come up to me and start licking my face.  Whereas, I have seen other shepherds being shown where the handler has fallen and let go off the leash and these shepherds that are not Heidelberg’s have taken off running away out of the ring and if they didn’t have a leash where somebody was able to grab them, they would probably still be running today.

A Six-Month-Old Heidelberg's Damon Standing Nicely at Home

A Six-Month-Old Heidelberg’s Damon Standing Nicely at Home

If you would like to see Damon practicing his Rally testing please see: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=janpVs814Uo

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