Winter and the Strange Noise

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Hello friends!

Normally Dean writes the blog posts, but today it’s Patty. I want to tell you a story about a female that was inside the house waiting to have her puppies!

Her name is Heidelberg’s Winter Xandrac. I let her out to go potty before leaving for a doctor’s appointment. Dean was out hunting, so he couldn’t help me. I am home with her and GCh. Ch. Kodi, CGC in the house with me all morning.

I am ready to leave, so I go outside and call them. Of course, GCh. Ch. Kodi, CGC comes right away. But in training him, I failed to train him to find another dog (especially a pregnant one)! I walk all around the house, calling her name. Nothing. I go back to the house and sit down to see if she will come to the door. Nothing.

I am getting a little worried, so I check all the kennels. I want to make sure one wasn’t empty and she is nesting in a dog house. No sign of Winter. I start walking around the house checking under things, as my circle gets larger I am nearly to the outside fence line and nothing. I call my friend Pam in Sand Springs for moral support. She offers to come to help me, but I won’t let her.

Now, I have to do the dreaded thing. Call Dean to tell him I’ve lost Winter. I don’t want to tell him that!! So I call him and tell him, he tells me to do all the things I have already done. I have walked back to the front porch and sat down, so sad and worried.

Then, I hear a strange noise, sounds like it is coming from under the porch, but how? I walk around the front of the porch and see her walking back and forth. So I try to figure out how she got under there and how to get her out. Then I find a hole that she dug in the corner, so I try to entice her out, but she won’t come out. I get a bowl of food, she loves to eat, and try to get her to come out. She won’t come back to the hole and then I notice a piece of lattice that seems to be broken. I pulled on it and she came out!!!

I didn’t know that the boys cleaning kennels kept filling in the holes with more dirt. When Dean came home later that day, he had them fill it with big rocks. Boy that was so difficult every time she went out until the hole was filled in with rocks!

Imagine being a full-grown pregnant dog getting in this hole! Amazing!!


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