Kay Anniversary

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Hello Everyone,

On October 17, 2010   our Grand Champion Champion (GCh Ch) Heidelberg’s Oklahoma Natashac (Kay) won Best in Show (BIS) at the Enid, Oklahoma Dog Show.  Last month was the anniversary of that win and nine years later Kay is still the number one GCh Ch German Shepherd Dog in Oklahoma.  Last month we were back at the Enid dog show with Kay’s Grandson, Heidelberg’s Remington v Windy.  Remington didn’t win BIS, but for a beautiful puppy that just turned one-year-old, he did well and we are proud of him.  He ended up with Reserve Winners Dog on Saturday.

Kay was absolutely the perfect dog both in beauty and temperament.  And, she loved being shown by Andrea Hesser, DVM.  Kay had charisma and she enjoyed displaying that in the show ring.  She knew she was all that and more.  I remember when Kay and her sister were about five-weeks-old, I would take them on the back patio and watch them explore the world.  Even at that age Kay stood out.  Kay actually finished her Championship in two weekends.  One of the top professional handlers in the country, Brian Livingston saw me showing Kay for the first time in Grove, OK.  I was doing a terrible job because she just wanted play and jump all over me as we ran around the show ring.  (She was only 12-months-old).  After I won Kay’s class, Brian came up and asked if he could show Kay for free for the rest of the weekend.  He did so and won Group 1 and Group 2 on Saturday and Sunday, respectively.

Reflecting on this while showing Remington this last month in Enid brought back a lot of fond memories for us.  Remington is not quite the show dog Kay was, but he’s young and we at Keystone German Shepherds are hopeful.  Remington will be a Grand Champion Champion after he grows up.

Please visit our web page at keystonegermanshepherds.com.  Help us to continue to purposefully breed these wonderful Heidelberg’s by visiting our web page, rating us, and leaving comments on Facebook, forwarding our web page, or, better yet, please come buy our puppies.  In addition, consider trying our supplements from our online store.  Our dog show wins are in part due to our Pure Total Vitamins and cod liver oil supplement which allows our dogs to grow the most lavish, plush-coats.  These supplements work and are needed to keep your current dogs healthy and away from the veterinarian.  If you try our supplements especially in concert with a healthy diet, you will see amazing changes to the overall health and vitality of your dog within a month.  For a healthy diet please see our web page.

Currently, we have four female puppies that are Kay’s grandchildren.  Do you need a show dog that will win or a family companion that will be loyal and a pleasure to call your best friend.  These puppies are priced at $2,000.00.  Please help us keep this Heidelberg line going.  Call me or Patty at (918) 261-4729.


Dean Heckathorn


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