Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge




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Hi Everyone,

We are close to starting our show season for 2014.  We are very excited about the judges and shows through April 2014.  We will be choosing shows past April as the judge panels are posted on Onofrio.com. We have several shows planned and everything has lined up well for us in regard to quality judges and show locations.  Our training has started and we should finish three dogs to their Championship and complete the Grand Championship on two dogs this year, and if we do really well four or five dogs will finish.  Our first show for 2014 is Saturday only in Wichita Falls, Texas on March 1, 2014.  The following week will be going to Columbia, MO showing both Saturday and Sunday on March 8 and 9, 2014.

I learned a lesson last year about posting the show that we are going to be competing before the shows close.  Apparently, we had some professional handler(s) that will go unnamed track my postings to enter shows where we had built majors and then showing up with one or two extremely competitive dogs.  While we do not shy away from competition under some of the judges that we showed under last year strongly leaned towards professional handlers rather than owner handlers such as myself especially when the dogs are close.  This proved to cost us some major wins in 2013, which was frustrating when we had gone to the expense and work to build the majors.  Therefore, I will now only discuss shows publicly after the entries have closed.  If you are showing a Heidelberg German Shepherd with us please call me to find out what shows we are planning on going to this year.

We have three dogs that are close to finishing and will likely complete their Championship this year.  The First with nine points and one major is Heidelberg’s Kaito v Carlief (Toby), with seven points and one major is Heidelberg’s Brandi Chariman (Kailey), and with eleven with and one major Heidelberg’s Diesel v Oklahoman.  Champion Heidelberg’s Kelsey Queirdad has 33 points and four majors and only needs to defeat two champions to win her Grand Championship.  Also, Champion Zeke v Gennnyh (Kolby) needs only seven more points to complete his Grand Championship.

Heidelberg's Kaito

Heidelberg’s Kaito v Calief (Toby)

Heidelberg's Ekko

Heidelberg’s Ekko Quinnd

This Picture Taken In February of 2012 Shows Daphne's Perfect Gait

Heidelberg’s Daphne Oklahoman

A Two-Year-Old Patriot playing in Pine Bluff, AR at Dog Show in February 2013

Heidelberg’s Patriot v Atlantan

Heidelberg's Jude v Renac

Heidelberg’s Jude v Renac 

Heidelberg's Brandi Chariman

Heidelberg’s Brandi Chariman

Champion Heidelberg's Kelsey Queridad

Champion Heidelberg’s Kelsey Queridad

Champion Heidelberg's Zeke v Gennyh

Champion Heidelberg’s Zeke v Gennyh

Also in contention for this year is Heidelberg’s Patriot v Atlantan, Heidelberg’s Ekko Quinnd with one point, Heidelberg’s Daphne Oklahoman with three points, and Heidelberg’s Jude v Renac with one point.

If you are considering getting a German shepherd puppy consider getting one of our older puppies and save a little money on some very high quality shepherds.

Please continue to check out our web page as we post updates on available litters: https://kgsd.inventivehorizons.com/PuppiesForSale.htm.   We have several wonderful puppies that that are ready to go home.

Ask me a Question and I will provide my opinion.   Also, please see our web page: KeystoneGermanShepherds




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