German Shepherd Dog Health Diet Tip

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to recommend that you add fish to your German Shepherd Dog’s Diet.  Even though a high quality dry-food will have a good source of protein at twenty-five to twenty-seven percent level, it is still highly processed and a lot of nutrients, amino acids, and minerals found in the meat have been degraded from cooking and processing.  Your German Shepherd Dog puppy or adult will benefit from approximately 3 ounces of fresh protein daily.

Heidelberg's Ekko Loves Mackerel

Heidelberg’s Ekko Loves Mackerel

A good economical source of fresh protein can be obtained from canned mackerel.  A 15 ounce can from Wal-Mart cost about $1.25 per can.  That is only .25 cents per serving.  In addition, to being healthy for them, your German Shepherd Dog will love eating fish.  An added benefit for some is that supplementing the diet with fresh mackerel may improve the appetite of the finicky eater.

Because all fishes from the ocean are contaminated with low levels of mercury, I limit my German Shepherd Dogs adults to eating fish only two or three times a week.  However, for my puppies, I feed them mackerel every morning until they are approximately six-months-old.  I believe that if I were to feed fish every day to my German Shepherd Dogs that they may bio-concentrate dangerous mercury levels in their bodies later in life.  Also, you should avoid tuna fish, because tuna fish may have significantly higher levels of mercury contamination than mackerel.  If you really want to provide a treat for your German Shepherd Dog, try pink salmon, while more expensive German Shepherd Dogs absolutely relish salmon.

Try feeding your German Shepherd Dog mackerel a couple times a week, they will love you the more for it and they may be healthier.

Noah X Stefanie Litter

Heidelberg Puppies Waiting On Their Mackerel Breakfast

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