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German Shepherd Dog Diet Tip (Eggs)

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to tell you how beneficial eggs are for your German Shepherd Dog puppies and adults.  Eggs are extremely economical when compared pound for pound to all other food sources based on digestible protein, fat, minerals, nutrients, and cholesterol.

Eggs are nature’s perfect food packages, when you consider that everything is packaged in an egg necessary to create a new and complete life.  However, not all eggs are equal; free range and organic eggs are going to have a higher nutrient and mineral content than your production eggs. Nevertheless, all eggs are highly beneficial to your German Shepherd Dog, even the cheap production eggs.

Eggs are more than ninety percent digestible, and no other food source is as esculent.  Because eggs are so digestible, eggs are great for adding to kibble mush after a few days to help wean German Shepherd Dog puppies and to get them on solid food.

Add Eggs After Few Days to Puppies Mush to Help In Weaning

Add Eggs After a Few Days to Puppies Mush to Help In Weaning

German Shepherd Dogs love the taste of eggs, and you literally cannot feed them too many eggs unless you are regulating your German Shepherd Dog’s weight.  You need not be concerned about too much cholesterol from eggs as a part of your German Shepherd Dog’s diet.  The form of cholesterol found in eggs is not harmful to your German Shepherd Dog and will not clog their arteries.  Cholesterol types found in certain vegetable oils are harmful and will clog your dog’s arteries, but that subject is for another day.  Eggs are good for the finicky eater because they like how they taste and may improve their appetite when mixed into their meals.

Eggs must be cooked before feeding to your German Shepherd Dog.  Egg whites, albumen contains a protein, albumin.  Raw albumin binds with Biotin, which is  an essential B vitamin, thus robbing your German Shepherd Dog of this important vitamin necessary for growth and maintenance. By cooking the eggs, you will denature this protein making it unable to bind to Biotin.  In addition, unless you raise your own eggs, a possibility exist that the raw eggs may be contaminated with salmonella or E-Coli bacteria, which can make your German Shepherd Dog seriously ill and potentially could result in death.

Therefore, cook your eggs to ensure against bacterial contamination and Biotin deficiency. Any method of cooking is acceptable.  I prefer to scramble a couple dozen eggs at a time and then spoon them out when needed.  I use virgin olive oil to scramble the eggs.  Virgin olive oil is beneficial for your German Shepherd Dog if used in modest quantities.

I Promise That I Didn't Eat the Eggs On The Table

I Promise that I Didn’t Eat the Eggs Left On the Table

Add eggs to your German Shepherd Dog’s diet and watch their coats and general health improve. They will love the eggs and you even more.

Ask me a question and I will provide my opinion.






  1. carlos

    How many eggs should I feed him at once because I noticed my German Shepard woke up with a little bit of diarrhea

    • Spencer

      1 egg per meal is typical, but some larger dogs like 2. If he wakes up with diarrhea or other issues he may not be used to the fat and protein content. I would look at getting a better base food and keep feeding the eggs. If it doesn’t clear up in a few days then he could be allergic. To test this stop feeding the egg for several days then give it back. If diarrhea comes back the second time he might be allergic.

  2. Narayana

    How many eggs can be feeded to GSD 3months puppy

    • Spencer

      In general, our dogs eat 2 eggs a day. So in 90 days that would be 180 eggs.

  3. Raghav

    Is it okay to feed 2 egg yolks to my German shepherd

    • Spencer


  4. Raghav

    Is it okay to feed 200 grams of cooked chicken breast along with two egg yolks to a four year old German shepherd?

    • Spencer

      Yes. That is ok to do. Sorry, I’m just seeing the comments that were pending.


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