Dog Personalities – Kay a Grand Champion with Attitude

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I would like to take a moment and tell you about one of our Grand Champions CH. Heidelberg’s Oklahoma Natashac known as Kay. Just over a week ago she was found by me in the play yard with what appeared to be bloat, and was quickly rushed to the vet’s office. Even though she was in extreme pain she was happy to be around me and wagged her tail even during some of the times she was crying. Fortunately Dr. Harvey was able to do surgery and remove the blockage in Kay’s intestines. Little did I know what I was in for as she came to recover, Kay however knows exactly what she wants.

The first thing that my dad and I figured out was that Kay did not like being put in crate where she could not see people. It did not matter if you were in the room with her she wants to be able to see part of your body at all times. Simply moving her crate solved this barking in protest problem, but only during the first few days of recovery. As Kay has gotten better she has shown herself to be a very unique character. Typically when she would see me as I arrived at my parents she would jump and spin in the air barking to say, “Hello”, which is how I was able to spot that she was in distress, so easily.

What I did not realize is what a ham she is. Since I am watching my parents’ house and business I have had extra time to spend with her. Kay has always been one to prance around happily, she moves so beautifully that it obvious why she was easy to finish and get her grand championship. It is amazing to me how much spunk she has even when she is in pain, but even more amazing is all the little things I have not noticed before. See as Kay has got to feeling better she has been able to manipulate me more and more. Now it is not good enough to see me, she must be in the room with me, and it is not good enough that I take her out to potty and watch her, I must walk with her the whole way. She has been attached to my hip for the last several days and it has been great fun.

Kay loves to over run, and loves to lead so when you are walking with her she is a few steps in front of you prancing as if she is floating on a cloud and when you stop she knows that you have because she is carefully watching, but instead of stopping with you she prances directly in front of you as if to say, “Here I am, I’m so glad you got to see me!” It nearly doesn’t matter the circumstance Kay is going to find a way to dance herself right in front of you and look up with her big eyes and then give a big smile. She absolutely loves being the center of attention!

Right now she is very skinny as she is recovering and she has found the best place to lay while I write this is under my feet where she can keep a close eye on me to make sure I will keep a close eye on her.

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