Add Juicing Pulp to Your German Shepherd Dog Diet

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

A lot of people are paying more attention today to their health by educating themselves on a healthy diet.  They are juicing to increase their nutrient intake.  Juicing is becoming more popular than ever before as people learn more about nutritional needs and how to meet those needs in a world of processed foods.  Besides being delicious, juicing fresh vegetables and fruit it is particularly healthy.  I personally have been juicing breakfast and lunch somewhat inconsistently for the last two years.  I get away from juicing because I get busy and do not have the time to purchase the vegetables and fruits and to prepare them.  It does take a lot of time out of your daily schedule to juice on a regular basis.  However, I keep coming back to because I feel and look much better when I juice.   I lose weight, have more energy, and my complexion improves, and I have a definite healthy glow when I juice on a regular basis.  In addition, it only takes a couple of days to start to feel and see the positive effect of juicing.

Healthy Puppy Befitting From Juicing  Pulp in His Diet

Healthy Puppy Befitting From Juicing Pulp in His Diet

Today, I encourage you to start juicing if you do not and if you do juice do the same for your German Shepherd Dog by including the pulp left over from juicing in your German Shepherd Dog’s diet.  The pulp leftover from juicing is similar to the predigested stomach contents of herbivores.

Carnivores and certain omnivores such as lions, dogs, wolves, coyotes, and foxes in nature, after capturing their prey will always first consume stomachs and intestines, which contain predigested vegetation. These predigested contents provide the meat eaters with much-needed nutrients such as complex amino acids, minerals, enzymes, and chlorophyll necessary for maintenance, health, and longevity. These nutrients cannot be found in sufficient levels or in a readily digestible form in most all dry-foods. In addition, many of these basic nutrients are cooked out of the dry-food during processing.

Healthy and Happy Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog, Puppies

Healthy and Happy Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog, Puppies

Prepare the pulp by bringing it to a boil.  By denaturing the proteins, you will further make it more like predigested stomach contents of herbivores. You can also add eggs and fresh meat and cook these items with the pulp, thus making a gruel that you can pour out over your German Shepherd Dog’s dry-food.

Food items that are exceptionally healthy for your German Shepherd Dog include kale, carrots, apples, oranges, grapefruit, berries of all types, grapes only in very small quantities (grapes can be harmful to your dog in large quantities), cranberries, spinach, cucumbers, watermelon, tomatoes, etc.  You will have to experiment with ratios both for you and your dog for taste.  Too much pulp and your German Shepherd Dog may not eat it. 

Grand Champion Heidelberg's Kodi Enjoys Juice Pulp

Grand Champion Heidelberg’s Kodi Enjoys Juice Pulp

 Try juicing for yourself and your German Shepherd Dog.  I guarantee that you will like the results.  As always before dramatically changing your diet or your dog’s diet consult your physician and your veterinarian.

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