Training Tips for German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies – Conclusion: Stop Jumping

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Conclusion: How to Stop Your German Shepherd Dog, Adult and Puppy to Stop Jumping on You

Hi Everyone,

Today we conclude our 3 part training tip on how to stop your German Shepherd Dog adult or puppy from jumping on you and other people.

This last method that I recommend for your German Shepherd Dog to stop jumping on people requires two people.  This method is mainly for those German Shepherd Dogs that only jump after an extended absence by the owner or family members.

This exercise can be accomplished at the door that the family uses to enter the house.  First a family Member that is home must be contacted by the arriving owner that they are a few minutes from coming home.  The person that is home gets the German Shepherd Dog adolescent or adult on a leash and choke chain.  Place the German Shepherd Dog on a sit and stay command in front of the door.  Then the arriving owner opens the door and provides verbal commands for the German Shepherd dog to remain in a sit and stay.  The person on the leash gives choke chain corrections (in silence) for the arriving family member.

The arriving family member does not approach the German Shepherd Dog until they are are in the sit and stay position.  If the dog moves as you approach give verbal commands while the leash is operated by the silent family member.  Continue with this exercise until you can approach your German Shepherd Dog while they remain in the sit and stay position.  Once approached give your German Shepherd Dog adolescent or adult love and praise.  Repeat this exercise every time you return home until your German Shepherd Dog will remain in a sit and stay position until greeted.  Then try it without the leash and choke chain.  Repeat training exercise if your German Shepherd Dog reverts back to jumping.

The above method can be transferred to the yard or kennel.  Try utilizing the outside door to the backyard or a gate for the arriving family member.

Lastly, I do not advocate kneeing your German Shepherd Dog when they jump because your dog does not understand this correction and they are also in a very vulnerable position and can be seriously and/or permanently injured if kneed, which can cause them to land awkwardly.  In addition, I do not advocate hitting your German Shepherd dog with a slap or with your fist on the muzzle.  Again, they do not understand this correction and you can seriously injure your hand on their teeth since the German shepherd Dog’s mouth will usually be open while jumping up to give you a kiss.  Also, you may injure your German Shepherds Dog’s eye if you start flailing with your hand.

With patience and persistence you can use the above exercises to train your German Shepherd Dog puppy, adolescent, or adult not to jump on you and others.  Your German Shepherd Dog will love you more if they are well mannered and they will show you their appreciation with lots of kisses without jumping.

Puppy Kisses

Puppy Kisses

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