Registering German Shepherd Dogs With The American Kennel Club

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge




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Hi Everyone,

We register all our German Shepherd Dog puppies with the American Kennel Club (AKC) because it provides the highest possible protection for those puppies throughout life.  Registering all pure blood dogs with AKC adds intrinsic value to those registered dogs.  Dogs that are valued through their pure blood registration are less likely to be dumped, discarded, abandoned, used for fighting, etc.  Even the worse examples of certain breeds have an increased chance of a good and loved life if they are registered through AKC.

Newman and Nelson Noah Puppies

Newman and Nelson Noah Puppies

We have no idea what the future involves in our life, and any of could find ourselves through life circumstances unable to care for the puppy in the future that we purchase today.  If your puppy is registered it is going to much easier for you or your breeder to find a new home for that puppy that you can no longer keep.  Therefore, when a customer purchases a puppy from us, we collect the AKC registration fee from them and have the customer fill out the registration before leaving with their new puppy.  We then mail in several registrations via certified mail to AKC, thus making sure all our puppies are registered. 

We have several customers each year tell us that they do not care about registering their puppy because they are not going to breed or show their new puppy, nevertheless, we insist that these puppies get registered.  Throughout the year we get back a few puppies, teenagers, and adults because the family has had a life changing event where they can no longer keep their German shepherd dog.  These life changing events have included divorce, loss of job, severe illness, death of a spouse, and relocation out-of-the-country.  None of these events were foreseen or anticipated by the new puppy owners.


Puppy Playing In The Yard

Puppy Playing In The Yard

We at Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels always take our dogs back and try to rehome our German Shepherd Dogs if the former family cannot keep them any longer.  Our task of rehoming and potentially reselling these German Shepherd Dog, puppies, teenagers and young adults is much easier if these dogs have been registered with AKC.  Upon reselling these rehomed dogs, we refund the former owners original purchase price less our expenses.  In addition, we transfer the registration of these rehomed German shepherd dogs to the new owners.

If you are purchasing your German shepherd dog from someone other than Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels, please take the time to register your new puppy with AKC.  This will help add protection to your new puppy if something happens to you where you can no longer take care of your dog.

A Happy Puppy

A Happy Puppy

In addition, ask your breeder if they offer the added insurance of rehoming your dog if you are unable to take of it any longer.  If they are unwilling, unable, or sound hesitant about providing this service, perhaps you should consider a different breeder.  Backyard breeders would be less likely to be able to provide this service because they do not have the facilities to take care of a dog that is not a part of their two to four dog pack in their backyard, thus, another reason for someone that is looking for a quality German Shepherd Dog puppy to avoid backyard breeders.

 Please continue to check out our web page as we post updates on this litter and future available litters:   Remember that we do ship puppies.

 Ask me a Question and I will provide my opinion.   Also, please see our web page: KeystoneGermanShepherds




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