Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels Update

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

A quick update for everyone; I finely feel caught up around here with everything so that I can start blogging six days a week (Monday through Saturday).   We have finished the repair and resurfacing on the driveway, which took two and half weeks of some the hardest and hottest work I have ever done.  I am very happy about being done, but I thought that I might have lost some weight, but I did not lose one pound.  I turn 50 at the end of September and I am determined not to be overweight by my birthday.  I believe the only way that I am going to lose weight is to starve myself and start jogging.  Therefore, the next two months that is what I am going to do.  I will try not to be too grumpy!

This morning I got up at 3 AM to drive a Heidelberg’s William v Carlie (Jury) to the airport.  As I am writing this Jury is on his way to Anchorage, Alaska. What a perfect place for very large long-coat German shepherd Dog to live.  I am happy for Jury and his new owners.

Heidelberg's William v Carlie (Jury)

Heidelberg’s William v Carlie (Jury)

We just love our customers and we are so appreciative of how our business has grown in the last year.  However, there are some areas due to this growth that need to change.  We can no longer be open seven days a week and be available during all our waking hours.  We are going to start closing on Sunday so that my wife and I go on a weekly hiking trip.  In addition, we will have to close at 6:30 PM every day and phone calls after closing will be addressed the following business day unless it is an emergency.  We will still allow boards to be picked up on Sunday during hours that do not interfere with our weekly hiking excursion.

This week we are going to Cookson Hill Wildlife Refuge to hike the Bolin Bottom to Round Mountain trail.  This is going to be approximately a 4.5 mile hike in the woods in August so we will see how it goes as far as the bugs and humidity.

We have some wonderful new additions to our kennel including Nelson, Hardy, Sword, Daphne, Journey, and Serenity.  Tomorrow, I will discuss these German shepherd puppies and our high expectations for them.

Please continue to check out our web page as we post updates on this litter and future available litters:   We currently have Wally and Walter, two male puppies left.  Both are wonderful puppies and Walter has developed in to quite the show prospect.   Remember that we do ship puppies.

 Ask me a Question and I will provide my opinion.   Also, please see our web page: KeystoneGermanShepherds




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