Is there logic behind naming our dogs!

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Several times I’ve been asked how we come up with the names for our dogs and what does it all mean. My answer is, it is a great record keeping tool!

So let’s start with my puppy GCH. Ch. Heidelberg’s Kodiak v Queridad, CGC. I will break it down so when you see the name of your puppy or your puppy’s family, it will make more sense!

  • GCh. – Grand Champion, a title Kodi earned.
  • Ch. – Champion, a title Kodi earned
  • Heidelberg’s – because this is the Type of dogs we breed.
  • Kodiak – all of our litters are assigned the next letter in the alphabet when they are born. Then all the puppies in that litter are registered with a name beginning with that letter.
  • v – meaning “of” is used by us only when naming the males.
  • Querida – Kodi’s mother.
  • d – for Diamond, Querida’s mom.
  • CGC – Canine Good Citizen, a title Kodi earned.

Now when I see GCh. Ch. Heidelberg’s Kodiak v Queridad, CGC I know his mother is Querida Diamondw, and Diamond Winsomeu is out of Winsome Umber.

So if I see you out and about, I can ask for your dog’s registered name and I can usually give you their pedigree based on the mothers.

If you have any questions about why we do things that you are interested in or don’t know why we would “do it like that”, please ask and we will explain it so more people understand!

Have a great day!

Patty & GCh. Ch. Kodi, CGC


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