German Shepherd Dogs (Demodectic Mange)

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

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Today I would like to discuss demodectic mange, which is caused by the population explosion of the demodectic mite in hair follicles of the affected German Shepherd Dog.  Demodectic mites are on all dogs, just the same as mites live on all humans.  These microscopic creatures are natural, normal, and occur on all dogs.  Most dogs’ immune system keeps the mite populations at a level, which does not present a problem for the dog.  However, it is common to see a localized breakout of mites on German shepherd Dog puppies since their immune systems are not fully developed until they are several months old.

A localized case of mites is nothing to be overly concerned about.  It will first present itself as a quarter to half-dollar size bald spot usually around the face and head.  Demodectic mange usually will respond to treatment and as the puppy matures the outbreaks cease. We treat our German shepherd Dog puppies with Campho-Phenique by dabbing the sore spots with a cotton swab saturated in Campho-Phenique. Campho-Phenique kills the mites and treats and disinfects the secondary skin infection.  Our German shepherd Dog puppies rarely have a case of localized demodectic mange, maybe less than one case a year, and we never have generalized mange, which is life threatening.

Delt Pine Bluff 3

Generalized demodectic mange is a result of an immune disorder.  The German Shepherd Dog that has generalized demodectic mange would have large infected bald spots all over its body.  These infections and bald spots can cover so much of the skin that it can result in death.

Demodectic mange is not contagious to dogs or to humans. However, because it is believed to be a hereditary disorder, German Shepherd Dogs that have the generalized form of demodectic mange should not be bred.

Picture From Our Dog Show In Pine Bluff, AR

Picture From Our Dog Show In Pine Bluff, AR

I am sorry that I have no pictures of mange to show you.  It is so rare for our Heidelberg German Shepherds Dogs to have even the non threatening localized version of demodectic mange, we just do not have any pictures.  Therefore, enjoy some nice pictures from our dog show trip.

Daphne and Patriot playing

Daphne and Patriot playing

Pine Bluff Delta

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