German Shepherd Dogs (Claremore, OK Dog Show Results)

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Saturday at the Dog Iron Classic in Claremore, OK, under Judge Pete Dawkins, we swept all the points and Best-of-Breed (BOB).  Heidelberg’s Kaito v Carlief owned by Kristen Brian won Winners Dog and Best of Opposite for one point and Heidelberg’s Ekko Quinnd owned by Riley Westfall won BOB and competed later in the herding group. Heidelberg’s Joshua v Merci owned by Lisa Long took Reserve Winners.  Congratulations to our customers and friends.

On Sunday, we did not win any points but took both reserves under Judge Nancy D Simmons. While I have no problems with her pick for Winners Dog, (he was a very nice and deserving dog), I did not like the Winners Bitch.  We will likely not show under Mrs. Simmons again unless she is part of a panel of judges that we travel out-of-town to show under and, therefore, are already at the show.  In this case we will give Judge Simmons another chance to see if we are in agreement on what a German Shepherd Dog should be in form and movement.

In no way is the above commentary meant to be a disparagement against Judge Nancy D Simmons.  I actually found Judge Simmons to be personable and knowledgeable.  Her opinion may just simply differ from mine about what is the ideal German Shepherd Dog.

Heidelberg's Ekko

Heidelberg’s Ekko

Heidelberg's Kaito

Heidelberg’s Kaito

As an afterthought, I wonder if judges ever stop to think that those that show their German Shepherd Dogs under them are also judging their judging.  As a breeder and exhibitor all I can ask is for consistency from judges.  Not all judges will be in agreement with me concerning what a German Shepherd Dog should look and be like. This is okay because if the judge is consistent and we are not in agreement then I know not to show under that judge anymore.  However, for those judges that are all over the place in the type of German Shepherd Dog they choose as their winner are bad judges to show under, and we try to avoid inconsistent judges as much as possible.

Ask me a Question and I will provide my opinion.





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