German Shepherd Dog Show Results and Reflections: Feb 2 & 3, ’13 Pine Bluff, AR

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi everyone,

We just returned from the February 2 and 3, 2013 Pine Bluff, Arkansas dog show.  We did not do as well as we had planned, but we were able to get Select German Shepherd Dog and Select German Shepherd Dog Bitch.  Therefore, Ch. Heidelberg’s Zeke v. Gennyh owned by Terry and Spencer Cline won two majors and 6 Grand Champion points towards his Grand Championship.  In addition, Ch. Heidelberg’s Kelsey Queridad won two majors and 9 Grand Championship points towards her Grand Championship.

We did not win any class points, but Heidelberg’s Kaito v Carlief owned by Kristen Brian got a major reserve under Judge Roger Hartinger.  On the bright side, at her first show, Heidelberg’s Daphne Oklahoman being shown in 12 to 18 class showed very well for a puppy and placed both days.  Daphne will likely finish her Championship very quickly.

Heidelberg's Daphne Oklahoman

Heidelberg’s Daphne Oklahoman

We may have done much better at this German Shepherd Dog Show if I was physically in better shape.  During the holiday season, I had added some unneeded weight and due to the cold weather my activity level also declined.  Because I got fatigued, I did not present our dogs as well as I could have if I were in better shape.  Needless to say, I am very sore today.

In addition, because of the cold weather none of our dogs were ready to be shown in regards to their training level.  This is entirely my fault due to my reluctance to work with the dogs in miserable weather.  For our next show, I am committed to be in better shape and have our German Shepherd Dogs better trained and ready to be shown.

We had a blast exercising our dogs at the Mike Huckabee Delta Rivers Nature Center.  The German Shepherd Dogs had serious fun investigating the old-growth hardwood bottoms of the delta.

Daphne and Patriot playing

Daphne and Patriot playing

Delta Pine Bluff 6

12 month old Hardy

12 month old Hardy

Pine Bluff Delta Delt Pine Bluff 3

Delta Pine Bluff 4

We will probably not enter under Mr. Roger Hartinger again.  We have shown under Mr. Hartinger several times now without winning any points since 2009 when we won Best in Show and winners dog under him in Enid Oklahoma.  For Judge Stephanie S. Hedgepath, we will only show under her again if she is part of more favorable judge panel for us even though last time we showed under her in 2007 in Gray Summit, Missouri, we swept all the points.

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