German Shepherd Dog (Preparing for the Grove, OK Dog Show)

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Today we will be scrambling around preparing for an important German Shepherd Dog show in Grove, Oklahoma.  This show is a 5-point major on the male side and a three point major on the bitch side.  I am excitedly anticipating this show because we have done well, at past shows, under the judges that we are showing under on Thursday and Friday.  The show is four days long; however, we do not like the judges for Saturday and Sunday, and have not entered for those days.  We are not the only ones that are not entered for Saturday and Sunday because the show goes from 5-point majors to a weak 2-point show.  Points are based on the number of German Shepherd Dogs that are entered for each day.

Since the weekends are historically the larger entry days for any given cluster of shows, hopefully the club that chose the judges for Saturday and Sunday will notice the drastic decline in entries and reconsider their judge choices.  Maybe next year the club will procure more favorable judges for all four shows.  If they had more favorable judges, then they would have had 5-point majors for all the shows this year.

It takes 15 points to complete an American Kennel Club conformation, Championship title.  A minimum of 6 points must come from two major wins.  Majors are shows worth three to five points.  The most points that can be awarded at any show are 5-points.  Five-point majors are very rare and hard to come by.  Likewise, it takes 25 points, in addition to the 15 points required for a championship, for a Grand Championship.

These shows will likely determine how many German Shepherd Dogs’ Championships we finish this year.  For instance, if Heidelberg’s Kaito v Carlief and Heidelberg’s Brandi Charisman pick up 5-point majors at this show, we will be able to complete their championships this year, and if either wins both days they will be essentially champions needing only one or two minor points.

A Young Heidelberg's Kaito v Carlief Win in 2012 Pine Bluff

A Young Heidelberg’s Kaito v Carlief Win in 2012 Pine Bluff

Heidelberg's Brandi Charisman

Heidelberg’s Brandi Charisman

In addition, our Champion Heidelberg’s Kelsey Queirdad needs one point and to beat three champions to complete her Grand Championship, and if she wins Best-of-Breed (BOB) at either show, she will be our newest Grand Champion.

Champion Heidelberg's Kelsey Queridad

Champion Heidelberg’s Kelsey Queridad

I will be unable to blog for the next three days, but I will provide our results at the next posting. Ask me a Question and I will provide my opinion.






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