German Shepherd Dog Grooming Tip (Cleaning Ears and Treating for Ear Mites)

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Today I am going to discuss the proper way to clean your German Shepherd Dog’s ears.  First unless your German Shepherd Dog puppy or adult is highly trained and completely under control you will need an assistant.

Place your German Shepherd Dog on a grooming table. Have the assistant hold your German Shepherd Dog in place on the grooming table.

German Shepherd Dog Grooming Table

German Shepherd Dog Grooming Table

Using a high quality ear cleaner, liberally squirt the cleaner in an ear.  Have the assistant hold the head and ear that you have just treated while you squirt the cleaner in the other ear.  Once the cleaner is in both ears gently cup the back bases of both ears and massage the ears.  You will be able to hear the cleaning solution slosh around in the ear if you applied enough solution into the ears.  After massaging the ears for thirty seconds, release the ears and stand back as your German Shepherd Dog shakes the cleaner out of their ears.

A Good Quality Ear Cleaner

A Good Quality Ear Cleaner

This process is well tolerated by most German Shepherd Dogs and will remove all the wax and debris from the ears in most cases.  If the next day, the ears are still dirty, you can repeat the cleaning process.

If the ears have small amounts of debris on the inner surface of the outer pinna (outer standing ears), then lightly saturate a cloth with rubbing alcohol or ear cleaning solution and gently rub the inner pinnas to clean the outer ears.

If your German Shepherd Dog has ear mites, you will need to clean their ears as described above by using the cleaning solution first.  After, you have cleaned your German Shepherd Dog’s ears, then apply a good quality ear mite solution.  It is necessary to clean the ears first to allow the miticide to reach the ear mites that live on the eardrums of your German Shepherd Dog.  You may need to treat for three days in a row to completely rid your German Shepherd Dog of ear mites. I also find it necessary to liberally apply the miticide in the ears rather than a few drops.  After applying the miticide, gently massage the bases of your German Shepherd Dog’s ears for thirty seconds.  If you can hear the miticide slosh around while massaging you have applied the correct amount of miticide.

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