German Shepherd Dog (Disaster Preparedness)

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, we were inspected by the American Kennel Club (AKC) and we passed with perfect scores, but that is not what I wanted to share. AKC is asking kennels to develop Emergency/Disaster Plan for evacuating and/or protecting their dogs if there is a natural disaster such as a tornado, fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc.  They are not asking for a detailed plan that requires an inordinate effort to complete. Rather, for people to take some time and think about what would be the best way to protect, in our situation, our German Shepherd Dogs. What is decided should be written down so everyone involved has access to the plan and could implement the plan if necessary.

For us, tornadoes are a real concern, and we realize given the short warning before tornadoes hit, we would be unable to evacuate all our German shepherd Dogs.  Therefore, we have prioritized those dogs that are to be loaded in our vehicles and driven to safety.  During tornado season, we will keep dog crates ready in our vehicles and when tornado warnings are given, we will load the German Shepherd Dogs so that we are ready to leave immediately if conditions warrant an evacuation.  For the remaining German Shepherd Dogs, we will let them out of their kennels and let them go on the back of our property where they can find low spots to find protection form the tornadoes.

Prioritizing, the German Shepherd Dogs that will be loaded in the vehicles in preparation for a possible evacuation by having ready a list of their names and kennel locations will save precious time. Posting this list in prominent place in the house with simple directions on what to do would be invaluable to family or staff members in case I am not here during the disaster.

Even if you only have one German Shepherd Dog, it is good idea to take some time to think about how you would evacuate your family members and animals for each potential natural disaster.

GrCh. Ch. Heidelberg's Kodi and Heidelberg's Zoya Watching the Weather

GCh. Ch. Heidelberg’s Kodi and Heidelberg’s Zoya Watching the Weather

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