German Shepherd Dog Diet Tip: Yogurt

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to recommend that you add to your German Shepherd Dog’s diet one tablespoon of plain white yogurt to every meal. Yogurt contains the essential calcium in a highly digestible form that is needed for maintenance and growth.  Once German Shepherd Dog puppies are weened they become lactose intolerant, which means they no longer are able to produce the enzyme lactase in sufficient quantities to digest most milk products.  Certain cheeses and cottage cheese in small quantity and yogurt are digestible by your German Shepherd Dog.

German Shepherd Dogs love the taste of yogurt.  Yogurt may help a finicky German Shepherd Dog eater to eat their food.

Yogurt is especially good for your growing German Shepherd Dog puppy by promoting and supporting proper bone and joint growth.  Most all dry-food companies that sell puppy formulas, advertise their kibble as being fortified with calcium, but if you read the label the form of calcium added to the kibble is calcium carbonate.  Calcium carbonate is ground up limestone and is not a readily digestible form of calcium.  Therefore, the limestone powder passes through your German Shepherd Dog puppy’s digestive system unabsorbed and may even be detrimental by adding undo stress to your German Shepherd Dog puppy’s digestive system.

One heaping table spoon of a high quality Yogurt such as Dannon provides your German Shepherd Dog’s daily requirement for calcium, as well as probiotics such as acidophilus.  Acidophilus will help your German Shepherd Dog digest their food more efficiently by assisting the breakdown of nutrients into a digestible form.  This is one supplement for your German Shepherd Dog that may pay for itself by assisting in the more efficient digestion of your dog’s food. Thus, better absorption and less poop.

In addition, yogurt can help with diarrhea by replenishing the flora that is lost in your German Shepherd Dog’s digestive system during a bout of diarrhea.  When one of our German Shepherd Dog has an upset stomach, we give them 5 to 6 heaping tablespoons of yogurt added to their dinner and in most cases this settles their stomach and reduces or ends their bout of diarrhea.

A good source of yogurt is as close as your local food store.  We recommend a high quality yogurt because the cheaper brands may not have live acidophilus cultures.

Include yogurt in your diet regime for your dog, and your German Shepherd Dog will love you the more for it.  You will not be disappointed, and will love purchasing less dog food and picking up less poop.

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  1. Susan

    Hello. I have a 120# German Sheperd, Male. One heaping spoonful enough? I have been giving him more. I also want to add homemade proteins and veggies to his dry kibble. Suggestions? Something easy, simple and can be given daily.

    • Spencer

      Yes that should be good, but it would not hurt to give him a little more.


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