German Shepherd Dog (Cleaning Up After Your Shepherd)

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Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Hi Everyone,

Today’s discussion is anything but glamorous.  However, it is an important discussion for the health of your German Shepherd Dog and possibly your family.  German Shepherd Dogs are unusually clean and try to get as far away from their feces as possible, and often will choose one specific area in the yard to defecate.  Our Heidelberg German shepherd Dogs will actually try to bury their feces after defecating.  They do this by scratching soil and grass over their poop after they defecate.  As the owner of a German Shepherd Dog, it is your responsibility to clean up after them.  If you live in a subdivision consider your neighbors olfactory sensitivity especially in the summer. Be a good neighbor and pick up your dog’s poop daily.

German shepherd Dog Covering Up After Pooping

German shepherd Dog Covering Up After Pooping

All dogs will get stomach worms and worms such as hook, tape, and round contaminate the environment with their eggs when your German Shepherd Dog defecates.  Worms such as hook and round worms can infest your yard with their eggs for months and in some cases for years if you allow the feces to break down and spread into your soil.   The infected backyard can become a low risk health hazard to small children that could become infected if they contact the infected soil and then stick their hands in their mouth.  For hookworms a person can become infected by simply contacting the infected soil with bare skin.  Fortunately, the hookworms cannot survive in the human body and soon die upon entering the skin, and thus become a slightly annoying rash for a few days. This rash is known as “plumbers itch”. In addition, if you allow your yard to become infested with worm eggs, your dog will continue to be re-infected costing you unnecessary money to treat your German Shepherd Dog for worms.

Grand Champion Heidelberg's Kodiak v Queridad Enjoying a Clean Yard

Grand Champion Heidelberg’s Kodiak v Queridad Enjoying a Clean Yard

Feces left in your yard will also attract and breed biting flies and the common houseflies.  If flies drive you nuts in the summer then do yourself a favor and keep your yard clean and the number of flies around and in your house will decrease.

All the above can be avoided by simply picking up the poop every day.  Most German Shepherd Dogs will defecate two to four times a day.  It should take you no more than five minutes to keep your German Shepherd Dog healthy, happy and worm free, as well as keep your yard clean. 

German Shepherd Dog Pooping

German Shepherd Dog Pooping

Purchase a Pooper Scooper at your local pet store.  The average cost will be approximately twenty dollars, but is well worth it because it allows you to clean up fast and efficiently.

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