German Shepherd Dog Breeding Tip

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We at Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels only allow our German Shepherd Dogs to breed with our oversight and under controlled conditions.  We do this to protect our stud dogs and our breeding females.  German Shepherd Dogs are very vulnerable to bites and physical injury during the act of breeding because they do lock-up, which is known as a “tie”.  This is especially true when, we are breeding an outside virgin female that is possibly scared because this is the first time that she may have been away from her owner and home.

We provide stud services at Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels, and because we stud out our males, we assist them in breeding by actually putting the German Shepherd Dogs together. We do this to ensure a tie when breeding customers’ German shepherd Dog females.  Also, some prodigious anatomical differences exist between different German Shepherd Dog types along with size differences, and without assisting; we would never get a tie on these females.  For example, it is very difficult for a large male to breed a small bitch. In addition, virgin bitches due to the lack of experience often times will not stand for the male or may snap at him with her teeth as he tries to mount her.

Controlled Breeding With a Heidelberg German shepherd Dog Virgin Bitch

Controlled Breeding With a Heidelberg German shepherd Dog Virgin Female

In addition, we have learned to trust our stud dogs to let us know when a female is actually ovulating and ready to breed.  Our males may mount a female that is in season, but is not quite fertile.  However, our German shepherd Dog studs will not really try to get a tie unless the female is ovulating.  When we notice this behavior, we put the dogs back up in the kennels and try again the next day.  Once we get a tie, we only allow our males to breed every other day.  This ensures the maximum amount of mature, viable sperm at each breeding.

When breeding German Shepherd Dogs, the owners should always be present to protect both the male and female from injury.  We recommend that you keep the female tied up to the fence so that she does not drag the male all over the place and potential cause injury to his penis.


Heidelberg's Samantha's  First breeding Under Controlled Conditions

Heidelberg’s Samantha’s First breeding Under Controlled Conditions

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