Exploring the vast Prairie at Washita National Wildlife Refuge

Exploring the vast Prairie at Washita National Wildlife Refuge

We at Keystone emphasize placing conformation titles on most of our breeding stock.  Attached is a pedigree from Grand Champion Champion (GrCh. Ch.) Oklahoma Natashac (Kay).  All the names in red or blue are Champions.  This pedigree represents a very typical pedigree from our kennel.

Ch. Kay Pedigree cropped full size

It is very expensive and competitive to win the title Champion on a shepherd.  The better the dog, the less expenses towards the title.  Kay finished in three weekends and cost us relatively nothing to finish her Championship title.

Nevertheless, there is no better proving ground for breeding stock than the conformation ring for shepherds.  For the most part, only the best shepherds in country ever obtain the AKC Championship title.  A Championship title requires a solid temperament, a beautiful shepherd, and correct, graceful movement.

As for the European or import shepherds most could never obtain a conformation title because they do not move correctly and are ugly.  They have short choppy gaits with no extension.  Therefore, they would struggle as a true herding dog because they would tire quickly if required to move across long distances.  It always amazes me how critical most European or import breeders are of conformation dogs, yet my shepherds could readily achieve a schutzhund title 3, but their dogs could never become an AKC Champion.

While the conformation ring is not perfect, it provides, the potential puppy purchaser the best starting place to find the next member of their family, which was and still remains the purpose of AKC Championship titles, thus as the proving ground for breeding stock.

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