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Puppy playing in grass at Keystone German Shepherds

We were raising German Shepherd Dogs when in 1996, we discovered the Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog Kennel due to the advent of the internet.  We made the 1,000 mile round trip to see these Heidelberg's first hand. Once we discovered the Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog, we have never bred any other type of shepherd. They are truly the "Real Deal". There are no more loyal, intelligent, healthier, and beautiful German Shepherd Dogs in the world.

Heidelberg History:

Heidelberg is a kennel name that was started in 1971 by Mr. Eugene Thompson and Mr. Wayne Richards (pronounced Ri-shard). Eugene purchased his foundation stock from a longtime American Kennel Club (AKC) Judge, Ann Mesdag. Her kennel was founded on Grand Victor (GV) Harrigan, whom many claim was the greatest shepherd that ever lived. Harrigan was out of Grand Victor Lance of Franjo, which ancestors originated from Germany, and who was bred by Francis and Joan Ford.

From the same lines that produced GV Harrigan, gave rise to the Heidelberg German Shepherd Dogs, as well as, many of the other highly regarded top producing kennels in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these other kennels went another direction in their breeding in the late 1970's and early 1980's by producing a more extreme show dog type of German Shepherd that are over angulated.  In addition, these top kennels in many cases disregarded temperament.

Our guidelines to breeding the Heidelberg German Shepherd Dogs are, first and foremost, temperament, followed by health, and finally show quality and appearance.  In the 1980's to reinforce the Heidelberg lines, Eugene purchased Select Champion Sundown Von Freya for the unheard price of $20,000.00, which is almost $45,000.00 in today's dollars.

More than 150 champions later and several thousands of satisfied owners of the Heidelberg type of German Shepherd Dogs, we continue breeding Heidelberg German Shepherds that are world-renowned. 

We continue to use the Heidelberg name because we do not breed these dogs for our ego to have some contrivance of our last name to label our dogs with and to collect accolades. Rather we breed these shepherds for the future generations that will enjoy and love these wonderful German Shepherd Dogs, as we do, long after us.  Why change the name? They are Heidelbeg's, therefore, we should and do call them Heidelberg's.

If you are interested in owning the World's Best German Shepherd Dogs for companionship or even for the show ring then call us for an amazing and loving adventure with one of our shepherds.

What about German Shepherd Temperament?

A very satisfied puppy at Keystone German Shepherds
Heidelberg's Kelsey Queridad puppy Nice masculine head shot at Keystone German Shepherds
Heidelberg's Rain Quinn in the Snow all alone Very happy girl holding a puppy at Keystone German Shepherds
Kodi exploring the prairie at Keystone German Shepherds Grand Champion Kodiak at Keystone German Shepherds