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German Shepherd Dog enjoying the good life

Training - Continued:
We also have many of our dogs being trained in search and rescue, herding, and as service dogs. Patty Heckathorn has successfully trained our stud dog and Grand Champion Champion (GCh. Ch) Heidelberg's Kodiak v Queridad (Kodi), CGC as a medical alert dog.  Read Kodi's story at our Temperament page. 

If you are interested in any of these training services, we can provide you with information for the best groups to contact.

If you are interested in owning a champion and competing in the conformation ring, we will assist and fully support you in this endeavor. For a nominal fee, we will gladly take your dog to shows if you cannot make it yourself. In addition, we will assist you in picking out and training a future champion that will readily win so that you may avoid unnecessary expenses.

Supplies & Nutritional Supplements:
We offer everything that is needed to bring home a new puppy from toys, collars, to water and feeding bowls. The prices and quality are exceptional and, we are likely less expensive than big wholesale houses such as PetsMart because our overhead is lower.

In addition, we provide one of the best vitamin supplements available. Our Pure Total Vitamin Supplement meets the micro and macro-nutritional requirements needed by your growing German Shepherd Dog, puppy or adult. These nutrients cannot be obtained from the diet alone. Have you seen puppies eat dirt or grass? They do this because their nutritional requirements are not being met. Our supplement contains diatomaceous earth, brewers yeast, active yeast enzymes, vitamins B complexes, E, and C, kelp, flax seed meal, chicken liver powder, brewers yeast, selenimum, complex amino acids, Omega oils, and fishmeal.

We also provide the purest contaminant free cod liver oil available in one-quart bottles that will last approximately 3 months. Our cod liver oil is human grade and many of customers use it for their own nutritional regime.

We sell an assortment of highly effective non-prescription wormers including a two-year supply of heartworm medicine for only $21.50.

We start vaccinations on our puppies at six weeks using Duramune Vaccines. Our first series of shots include distemper and parvo. At six and nine weeks we vaccinate for Distemper, Parvo (live and killed), Adenovirus Type 2, and parainfluenza, and corona. At 12 weeks we vaccinate for all the above including 4-Leptospira Canicola - Icterohagiae Bacterin. This same shot is repeated at 16 and 20 weeks and then again at 6 months. Since following this vaccination regime, we have not had any puppies get sick. We also inoculate for rabies between four and six months followed by an annual booster then biannually after age three. Oklahoma rabies is required annually for the first two shots and then bi-annually. For required rabies vaccination in your area, check your state's and local regulations.

Champion Heidelberg's Kelsey Queridad
Puppy in kennel 15 at Keystone German Shepherds Puppies in Kennel 1 and 2 at Keystone German shepherds and Kennels
Waiting on mom and dad after being boarded at Keystone German Shepherds Champion Genny Major win at Keystone German Shepherds
Puppy Playing at Keystone German Shepherds Kelsey Training Day at Keystone German Shepherds and Kennels