3961 South Highway 48 Mannford, OK 74044 Phone: 918-261-4729

We do sell show-quality dogs. If you want a future champion call us at 918-261-4729. Show dogs are available for purchase.   If you purchase a show dog we will do everything in our power to help you to be successful including free training and advice.

Come see the dogs we are currently showing. Watch here for upcoming scheduled dog shows. Below is a listing of upcoming shows:


Dog Shows 2018:

Saturday morning trainings are two fold for you and your dog.  The goal is to socialize you dog around other dogs and people, and to train them how to be a good canine citizen in the world.  We are offering a new service for those that want someone else to help train or walking your dog during this time. The charge would be $20 per dog for the hour. If you are interested, please call or text Dean and let him know.

The store is always open after training, so if you need any dog food, Total vitamin supplement, Perfect Cod Liver Oil, Perfect Vitamin C, crates, toys, collars, or anything like that, please come on up to the store after training.

We can also accept boards after training if that would be helpful to you, just please let Dean know one-two days before.  We want to make sure their kennel is ready!

We have scheduled a test for July28th at Keystone State Park.  We will have our travel trailer at Keystone State Park starting Thursday or Friday!  All are invited to come stay the weekend with us!  Now you may ask how can I make this happen for my dog?  Easy, come out to Keystone German Shepherd Kennels as often as you can on Saturday morning at 9 am.

The CGS title will be added to the end of your dogs official AKC name.  Please do not bring large treats, bite size is best.  You will need the 6 foot leash, favorite treats, your dogs AKC registration paper, $20 to pay for the CGC test. Even if your dog has passed, it helps to have people near by to help with different parts of the test.  Also please bring your dog water from home (or distilled water) and a bowl.

We will assign time slots for testing and immediately following testing we will treat everyone to hot dogs, brauts, and all the fixings.  Please bring your own drinks (for you & your dog), chairs, and crates.

Dog Shows 2017:

We have two new Champions for 2017.  Pleases see our champion page for pictures and details.

Dog Shows 2016:

We have four new Champions for 2016. 

With over 150 Champions, the word Heidelberg in reference to a German Shepherd Dog that connotes a very specific type of shepherd that is respected and even reviled by some of our competitors.  The sport of conformation is extremely competitive and expensive.  We win because we have some of the best shepherds in the country.  For this fact, we are not well loved by our competitors. For example, the picture to the right shows a common occurrence with our Heidelberg's winning both sides at a dog show.