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Fun time after the show in Shawnee Keystone German Shepherds

The below stories are true:

Before you read, more about Heidelberg German shepherds know this...Our Champions and non-Champions will protect their families by sacrificing their own lives without hesitation if necessary to prevent harm to the family or property. Our German Shepherds are naturally the best companions and protectors you will ever find for your children, family pets, and property. Our German shepherds are true herding dogs with herding instincts intact, and your family and property become theirs' in their mind.

Temperament: (German Shepherd Personality) Some people unfamiliar with the "true temperament" of the German Shepherd such as the Heidelberg we breed here at Keystone German Shepherds and Kennels, think the Shepherd is a vicious breed that hates and attacks children and is dangerous to their owners. The opposite is true! Our German shepherds are loving, sweet, and gentle dogs especially around small children.

The Following Story is True:

In March of 2000, we were building our house on twenty-wooded acres, which is currently the home of Keystone German Shepherds. We did much of the work ourselves, and after my real job, I would drive out to the property to do construction work. This particular occasion, I was on the property installing hardwood floors. A young Champion Heidelberg's Oregon V Burmak accompanied me. Oregon became bored with my installation work and he decided to find another room with a cool place to lie down on the concrete subfloor.

I stepped outside the back door to rinse out a bucket when out of the woods two very large Rottweilers came running straight towards me. I instantly could tell that these were not friendly dogs, and that they were intent upon attacking me. With one Rottweiler, I could possibly defend myself, but with two, I was in real trouble.

Suddenly, I felt Oregon brush across my leg as he charged to meet these two large muscular dogs. He slammed into the shoulder of the closest one knocking him over, and then Oregon latched onto the face of the other with a guttural growl. The swiftness of Oregon's attack unnerved the much heavier dogs. Unsettled they ran back into the woods from which they had materialized. Oregon was in hard pursuit.

After I processed all that had taken place in a matter of seconds, my thoughts and concerns were redirected to Oregon. Before I could call him, a terrible noise came from the woods. I heard dogs growling, crying, screaming, and then silence. Then Oregon appeared unscathed from the woods in an extremely proud trot. Naturally, I gave him the royal treatment for the rest of the day.


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