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Continued - Part2:
We package and sell the Pure Total Vitamin Supplement.  Please use our online store (above) so that we can ship you the essential vitamins and oil needed by your German Shepherd Dog, puppy or adult. 

Our diet for all our dogs consist of approximately 2-3 cups a high quality dry-food, which is reasonably priced, with approximately 3 ounces of fresh meat (chicken, turkey, canned mackerel or salmon, or other meats low in fat). To this mix, we add an egg, cooked carrots and spinach, a tablespoon of cod liver oil, a tablespoon of acidophilus active yogurt, and one garlic clove. We combine all these ingredients with water, our Pure Total Vitamin Supplement, and cod liver oil.  We mix these ingredients together to create a gruel that our German shepherd Dogs love.

This gruel is a natural, healthy diet that is very similar to the nutrients that would be found in the stomach contents of a fresh killed deer or sheep. Our dry-food contains no soy, by-products (no hair, hooves, manure, horns, or chicken feathers), and it is gluten and grain free. Our dry-food is preserved with vitamin E and contains no artificial chemical preservatives such as BHA or BHT, Ethoxyquin, etc.

If you will feed as we do, your dog will never have a 'doggy' odor! That doggie odor, which we are all familiar, results from poor quality protein and carbohydrates in kibble, which is inadequately digested by your dog.

Keystone's Diet, Maintenance, and Training Information Packet accompanies each puppy we sell. We take the time to explain how to feed your dog a more natural diet, for which they have evolved. We will show you how to read and discern dog food labels. We will show you how correctly to include table scraps in your dog's diet. Dry-food should make up less than half of your dog's diet. Ideally your dog would only rarely consume dry-food; however, with modern life and its demands that is not always feasible. We show you how to feed your dog economically and quickly, but more importantly correctly so that they will thrive. Therefore, you will not have to spend money at your veterinarian for ailments resulting from poor diets.  We feed this diet to all of our dogs for life, which include dogs here for boarding/kenneling and training.

The most common question/comment from a time first visitors is; 'why is there no bad odor here' or 'why do your dogs have no doggy odor?' Try our diet plan for your pets and you will see great overall health, beautiful coats, no mange or skin problems, and your dogs will no longer stink.

Our packet teaches you how to recognize symptoms of parasites, such as fleas, ticks, ear mites, stomach worms, heartworms, and protozoan infections, etc. to assist you in deciding what to do when your dog begins to have problems. For example, just as with livestock, dogs will get worms. Why not do as the rancher does for his livestock, and place your dog on a routine worming plan. We do not waste money on fecal exams because we can worm our dogs for intestinal worms for the entire year for less than the cost of two annual fecal exams.

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