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We rarely have to tape ears. I have this page on my website for the convenience of my customers that live too far to drive to us and hopefully to educate veternarians and breeders that incorrectly tape German Shepherd Dog puppy ears. Occasionally German Shepherd Dog puppies need assistance getting their ears to stand in an erect position. If the ears become inflamed or infected after taping consult your veterinarian. Do not resume the taping process until the ears have healed.


Supplies needed: Cardboard, scissors, 3M Weatherstrip adhesive, Duct tape, and an assistant. First cut two inserts to form inside the ears as seen above. Then cup the inserts as seen below to conform to the concave shape of the ears. Liberally apply the adhesive to the convex side of the inserts. Allow three minutes for the adhesive to get tacky.

Then glue the inserts as seen below into the ears while the assistant holds the puppy still. Allow time for the inserts to setup before moving on to the next step. While the inserts are drying you will need to occasionally apply pressure to the insert and reposition to fit properly.

The next step involves taping the to ears together by first affixing a piece of 2.5-inch piece of duct tape to the sticky side of a approximately four-inch long strip of duct tape as shown below.

Next liberally apply adhesive to the exposed sticky side of the duct tape. Allow time for the adhesive to start to setup and become tacky. The assistant should hold the ears in the correct position as shown below. Then glue the tape to the back of the ears as shown below.

Congratulations, you should have by this time successfully taped your puppies ears. Allow the inserts and tape to fall off naturally. If the tape or insert is hanging loose then the loose portion should be removed as not to add additional weight to the ears. The insert and taping process should be repeated until the ears stand without assistance. Many time the ears will stand for a couple of days and then fall down again. When they fall this entire process should be repeated as soon as possible so that any progress gained is not lost.