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I'm Worm Free Because Dad Worms Me Twice a Year
Hi Everyone, Today, I am posting a interesting article written by Christine Wilford who received her doctorate of veterinary medicine from Texas A&M University, Texas.  The point of the article is that doing fecal exam on your German Shepherd Dog is likely a waste of time and money.  Like all […]

Fecal Exam for Your German Shepherd Dog

I Am Tick and Flea Free
Hi Everyone, There are some basic care for your German Shepherd Dog that every owner should be aware of and that is what I am going to discuss today.  While German shepherd Dogs are relative low maintenance compared to other breeds you will need to trim their nails at least […]

Basic Care Tips for Your German Shepherd Dog

Healthy Happy Shepherds Means Happy Owners
Hi Everyone, Below is an easy way to prepare several evening meals for your German Shepherd Dog or puppy. Once prepared you can freeze in individual bags and sit out on bag per day to defrost.  The defrosted contents can be added to the good quality dry-food in the evening […]

Mass Cooking for Your German Shepherd Dog or Puppy

Hi Everyone, It so important to provide supplement nutrition including macro and micro nutrients to the diet of your German Shepherd Dog especially as growing puppy.  Researchers have just discovered how important vitamin c is to proper growth and development of joints while German shepherd Dogs are growing.  If insufficient […]

Providing Proper Vitamin and Nutrient Supplements for Your German Shepherd ...

Hi Everyone, Today I’m going to offer a short but important basic obedience tip. When heeling with your German shepherd Dog or puppy start off with your left foot. This may be awkward especially for right handed people because most of us will start walking with our dominant side, but […]

Basic Obedience Tip for Your german Shepherd Dog or Puppy

Heidelberg's Jude v Renac
Hi Everyone, We are close to starting our show season for 2014.  We are very excited about the judges and shows through April 2014.  We will be choosing shows past April as the judge panels are posted on Onofrio.com. We have several shows planned and everything has lined up well […]

German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies in Competition

Hi Everyone, We have a started a new series of Basic Obedience Classes at Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels taught primarily by Dean Heckathorn.  Our Class takes place on Saturday morning at 10:30 am and runs about an hour. The class location is at Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels located […]

Basic Obedience Canine Good Citizen Class for Your German Shepherd ...

Another Picture of the Rugged Trail We Hike with Our German Shepherd Dogs
Hi Everyone, We at Keystone German Shepherds love to go on hikes in the woods and after 15 years of living in Northeastern Oklahoma, we actually purchased a book on ‘Hiking Places in Oklahoma’ and discovered a wooded 6 mile hiking loop within 5 miles of us on Keystone Lake.  […]

Hiking With Your German Shepherd Dog

Heidelberg Puppies Are Well Equipped to Be Comfortable in the Winter
 Hi Everyone, It is the end of November in Northeastern Oklahoma, and it is time again to pull our dog houses out of storage and place them in the kennels.  After the 15th of November, we often get cold snaps in Oklahoma, which can include several days of freezing rain […]

German Shepherd Dogs and Winter Weather

A Six-Month-Old Heidelberg's Damon Standing Nicely at Home
 Hi Everyone, Damon is a young 14-month-old, long-coat Heidelberg German shepherd that has almost completed his first level of Rally.  Damon and his owner  went out to the barn to feed their horses .  Damon is still on leash while feeding because he likes to chase the neighbor’s cats (he mainly […]

Another German Shepherd Dog Hero Story