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German Shepherd Dog (Time to Say Goodbye)

Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge
Exploring the vast prairie of the Washita National Wildlife Refuge

 Hi Everyone,

Today, I am going to switch gears to discuss an issue that has developed with one of our long-time friends.  Monday, I will continue my discussion of our new family members.

We received a call about 12 1/2 year-old Rocky, one of my all-time favorite German Shepherd Dogs.  Rocky has stopped eating and drinking and is throwing up bile.  He has rapidly gone down health wise in the last month and it is time to say goodbye until we meet again.

Rocky started his life out as a promising show dog and was sold to Connie who lived in Mannford, Oklahoma.  Connie and Rocky were extremely close and did everything together.  Connie after a year and half was diagnosed with breast cancer, and so Rocky was boarded out here at Keystone German Shepherds & Kennels while Connie was going through treatment and too sick to take care of Rocky.  We got to become very close to Rocky.  Connie lost her battle to cancer, but her love and fighting spirit was not lost on Rocky.  Connie’s husband gave us Rocky after her death because Rocky presence was just too painful of a reminder of Connie.

When Rocky came to stay with us he was not the same after Connie’s passing.  Rocky was very depressed and grieving.  We decided the best thing for Rocky was find him a good home with children that could take his mind of his loss.  We re-homed Rocky to such a family, and Rocky began to recover from his grief.  Now ten years later after a wonderful and spoiled life, Rocky will be reunited with Connie.  I imagine that they are taking one of their long walks along a beautiful mountain stream.

Losing your best friend after 12 years is the hardest part of owning a German Shepherd Dog.  It hurts as bad as losing a close family member and the grieving process is very similar.  I am comforted in knowing that because God loves us that we will be reunited with all our companions someday in Heaven.  He will not withhold any joy from us including being reunited with our best friends.  I am not going to start preaching in this blog, but there are several Bible verses that support this hope of being reunited with our beloved German Shepherd Dogs.  Personally I believe Heaven will be filled with cats and dogs. 

A young Rocky and Me On a Walk
A young Rocky and Younger Me On a Walk

Please continue to check out our web page as we post updates on this litter and future available litters:   We currently have Wally and Walter, two male puppies left.  Both are wonderful puppies and Walter has developed in to quite the show prospect.   Remember that we do ship puppies.

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