Dog Personalities – Disaster Twins: Yoyo and Yasmin, and their mom Paige

Named years ago by an employee, the disaster twins, get along well because Paige their mom is a great mother figure and keeps them inline. They absolutely hate being separated and protest even temporary separations of only moments. They are infamous for their silly antics in their kennel. One of their favorite activities is a multi-part game that happens when they are let out of their kennel daily. They start with Yasmin at the lead running around the kennels at least 2 to 3 times at full speed with Yoyo closely behind, and Paige just keeping up enough to see the action. Every time Yoyo thinks she is getting close to catching her sister she will pull a fast one and cut in-between the kennels or change directions. Paige by this point has stopped and will catch her by waiting, or will change the action altogether depending on her mood by come over and lick whoever let them out.

The other part to this funny little game is Paige is smart and agile enough to sneak away from her daughters and run to the front of the house where she will open the door and come in to say a quick, “Hi,” to everyone before running back outside to catch back up with her daughters before they even know she is gone.

These three girls are in constant motion when let out of their kennel to play, and are non-stop fun to have out.

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Dog Personalities – Kodi a Grand Champion with a Job

My mom’s service dog is well known to the family as he goes on most functions with us.. Kodi like Kay is also a Grand Champion, but even cooler he can tell when my mom’s sugar is starting to fluctuate to a critical level and needs attention. He will alert her by pawing at her and winning until she checks her sugar. Amazingly my mom has only had a problem with her sugar and that was when Kodi was not there to warn her. He has become a very important part of our lives, and the family.

Kodi is amazingly smart, at 4 ½ years old he not only can open all the doors in the house, but he knows to stand at the open door waiting for someone to approve his entry. He has a great sense for knowing when we need to play with him and will take off running and bounding at seemingly randomly times, but always when a break is needed. Just the other day I decided to walk with him to survey the changes after a rainstorm here at my parents’ house. We walked the long way around the pond and as we got closer he knew where we were and very uncharacteristically ran out ahead about 20 yards to the top of the dam waiting on me to get there. As soon as I got there it was on, full sprint around the pond right on the edge of the new water line splashing everywhere just having a great and very fast time, I could not get my camera out fast enough.

Later the next day I thought he would enjoy the pond again so I walked down there with him this time straight to the dock. We sat and looked around for a moment and then it was time to play. He when to back to the bank and then straight to the edge of the water and splashed it with is paw very enthusiastically, and I decided to sit on the edge of the dock and do the same. This was just too much excitement for him as he could not see how he could get to the water from on the dock, so he mimicked my kicking of the water with his front paws in the air a few times. And then he got this look in his eye, he was off full sprint around the pond on the edge of the water again. This time I was able to catch the end of it on video.

Kodi is one that loves attention and especially loves my mom, just the other day I think more due to missing her he jumped into bed with me during a thunderstorm only during the storm. Typically with my mom around he will sleep right through them, but I think with her gone to Yellowstone he didn’t want to feel alone.

Kodi has never looked better in my opinion he is filling out and looking very ‘beastly’, he should not be done filling out until he is closer to 5 or 5 ½ so I am looking forward to see how muscular he gets. Kodi is the grandson to Bismarck and should look very great in his later years. Bismarck could have been mistaken for a body building dog, and was the first dog my mom found to be able to sense when her sugar needed attention by licking her until she would take care of it.

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Dog Personalities – Kay a Grand Champion with Attitude

I would like to take a moment and tell you about one of our Grand Champions CH. Heidelberg’s Oklahoma Natashac known as Kay. Just over a week ago she was found by me in the play yard with what appeared to be bloat, and was quickly rushed to the vet’s office. Even though she was in extreme pain she was happy to be around me and wagged her tail even during some of the times she was crying. Fortunately Dr. Harvey was able to do surgery and remove the blockage in Kay’s intestines. Little did I know what I was in for as she came to recover, Kay however knows exactly what she wants.

The first thing that my dad and I figured out was that Kay did not like being put in crate where she could not see people. It did not matter if you were in the room with her she wants to be able to see part of your body at all times. Simply moving her crate solved this barking in protest problem, but only during the first few days of recovery. As Kay has gotten better she has shown herself to be a very unique character. Typically when she would see me as I arrived at my parents she would jump and spin in the air barking to say, “Hello”, which is how I was able to spot that she was in distress, so easily.

What I did not realize is what a ham she is. Since I am watching my parents’ house and business I have had extra time to spend with her. Kay has always been one to prance around happily, she moves so beautifully that it obvious why she was easy to finish and get her grand championship. It is amazing to me how much spunk she has even when she is in pain, but even more amazing is all the little things I have not noticed before. See as Kay has got to feeling better she has been able to manipulate me more and more. Now it is not good enough to see me, she must be in the room with me, and it is not good enough that I take her out to potty and watch her, I must walk with her the whole way. She has been attached to my hip for the last several days and it has been great fun.

Kay loves to over run, and loves to lead so when you are walking with her she is a few steps in front of you prancing as if she is floating on a cloud and when you stop she knows that you have because she is carefully watching, but instead of stopping with you she prances directly in front of you as if to say, “Here I am, I’m so glad you got to see me!” It nearly doesn’t matter the circumstance Kay is going to find a way to dance herself right in front of you and look up with her big eyes and then give a big smile. She absolutely loves being the center of attention!

Right now she is very skinny as she is recovering and she has found the best place to lay while I write this is under my feet where she can keep a close eye on me to make sure I will keep a close eye on her.

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