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Disclaimer: Before reading, the following note that we are providing only anecdotal evidence that we have witnessed with our eyes. In addition, nobody at Keystone German Shepherd Dog & Kennels believes that all imports have bad temperaments - far from it - we find that many better-bred imports have solid temperaments.

We at Keystone German Shepherd Dogs & Kennels provide kenneling for all breed of dogs as well as obedience and conformation training. Throughout the years, we have observed that the biggest cowards and least trainable dogs consistently are the so-called import German shepherd dogs. For example, when the owner brings their import out for boarding, the import will have its hackle up and be extremely aggressive towards staff, even to the point of snapping at our staff. This aggression is unfounded, and these shepherds are potential liabilities for their owners. However, after the owner leaves, these same dogs become cowards. They consistently refuse to socialize with other dogs or staff and coward in the corners of their kennels. This type of temperament would not protect their owners if a real threat materialized. For example, while these dogs are being aggressive towards staff, a quick step towards them would send them cowering behind their owners. This is not the correct German shepherd temperament.

Keystone German shepherds are not aggressive towards strangers and do not coward from threats. Our dogs are aloof toward strangers until they learn that they are friendly, in which time they will readily accept the stranger as a family friend. Likewise, if the stranger proves to be a threat to family or property, our shepherds may provide a warning growl.

At this point, if the bad actor does not cease, but continues with their aggressive behavior, they may be met with a bite. At this time, the perpetrator will again be allowed to stop with their aggressive actions; however, our shepherds may meet additional aggressive acts with increasing aggression. This is the correct protective temperament of the German shepherd dogs. This natural, innate protective behavior, by our dogs, is not learned and cannot be trained, and it may keep you from being sued. The correct shepherd temperament is discerning and controlled. Note: all breeds of dogs can become liabilities if untrained or improperly trained.

The European or import shepherd purposely is bred to be high-strung and restless.

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