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I am convinced that I would have been severely injured or worse if Oregon had not been there to protect me. If you need a protector for your wife or children, call us for the best home protector and baby-sitter that you will ever own. No alarm or security system short of a 24-hour armed guard could protect your family and property as well.

This Following Incident Took Place Several Years Ago, and is a True Story:

Nancy has asked to remain anonymous. Therefore, I have used only her first name and the call name of her Heidelberg German Shepherd Dog.

Nancy was 27 married with children, a boy and girl age 3 and 2, and her husband traveled a lot for his job.  They had purchased their Heidelberg shortly after they were married to protect Nancy while her husband was out-of-town. Up to now Heidelberg's Chance had shown no signs of protectiveness and seemed to love everyone.  In this neighborhood the mail boxes were on the front porches.  Therefore, Chance's daily routine included waiting for the mail delivery, which developed into a friendship to the point that the postman would ring the doorbell to say hi to Chance.

One night while alone with her two small children Nancy was awakened to the sound of a deep guttural growl, that she had never heard before. The growl caused the hair of her neck to stand.  She got out of bed and followed Chance downstairs where he jumped up on the back window barking loudly.

Nancy still hazy from her deep sleep thought the best thing to do was to open back door and let Chance out.  Chance shot out the door and while Nancy couldn't see clearly it was obvious that Chance chased a large object over the chain link fence.

Nancy called the police, and the police found that the screen was removed from the back window and that the window had been pried open.  The intruder, they said, was only moments from coming in the house.

A week later in the same neighborhood an intruder broke into a house and brutally raped a women.  They never did catch this predator, but what is known is that Chance saved Nancy and her two children from a potentially brutal attack.

The Following Stories are About Two Service Dog Heroes (Kodi's Story):

In 1999, we moved from Daphne, Alabama to Tulsa, Oklahoma.  While our kennel was small, we still had several German Shepherd Dogs that we had to divide them up and have family memberscare for them until we could purchase property and build kennels in Oklahoma.  Two of our shepherds, Heidelberg’s Oregon v Burmak (Bismarck) and Heidelberg’s Winsome Umberb stayed with us in our hotel.  In the mornings, Patty, my wife would take the two dogs to my parents' house while we were at work and then pick them up after work. 

During these trips, Patty started to notice that every time she had high or low blood sugar Bismarck would lean over the car seat and incessantly lick her face. Patty has had juvenile diabetes since she was 18-years-old.


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