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2018 Champions

New Champion Heidelberg's Majik v Opaly finished his Championship at the Saline County Kennel Club of Arkansas the weekend of his 18 month birthday!  Happy birthday Ch. Heidelberg's Majik v Opaly.



2017 Champions


Ch Heidelbergs Nelson v Kelseyq 

New Champion Heidelberg's Nelson v Kelseyq finished his Championship with two 4 point major on August 4 and 5, 2017 and BOB, in Kenner, LA.


Ch Heidelberg's Ekko Quinnd

Also New Champion Heidelberg's Ekko Quinn finished her Championship at the same show with two 4 point majors and BOB.  Pictured here with her owner, Riley Westfall.

2016 Champions


Ch Heidelberg's Jude v Renac


Champion Heidelberg's Jude v Renac finished his Championship with a 3 point major on June 23, 2016 in Billings MT. Ch. Jude OFA'd Good and clear on elbows.

Champion Heidelberg's Durango v Oklahoman

Champion Heidelberg's Durango v Oklahoman, finished his Championship in June in Billings, MT with a three point major.  Durango is out of BIS Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg's Oklahoma v Natashac and Champion Heidelberg's Bogie v Charsima.

Champion Heidelberg's Patriot v Atlantan, OFA, DNA finished his Championship on August 6, 2016 after three straight days of winning in Kenner, LA.

Ch Heidelbergs Daphne Oklahoman 

Champion Heidelberg's Daphne Oklahoman finished her Champion with a three point major in June in Billings, MT.  Daphne is out of BIS Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg's Oklahoma v Natashac and Champion Heidelberg's Bogie v Charisma.

2015 Champions

Ch Heidelbergs Diesel v Oklahoman 

Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg's Diesel v Oklahoman finished his championship in Oklahoma City, OK in July and is owned by MayAnne Maloney.

2014 Champions

Heidelberg's Kaito v Carlief

Champion Heidelberg's Kaito v Carlief (Toby) is owned by the Kristian Brian and finished his championship by winning a 4 point major in Grove, Oklahoma on April 12, 2014.  We do sell the best German Shepherds!

Ch Solar Starfire 

Grand Champion Champion Solar Starfire, (Mandy) finished her championship and Grand Championship in 2014 and is owned by D. Pierce.

2012 Champions

Champion Heidleberg's Zeke v Gennyh

Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg's Zeke v Gennyh (Kolby) is owned by Terry and Spencer Cline. The above picture shows a young Kolby with his proud owner. Kolby is out of our Champion Heidelberg's Amazon v Whispe and Champion Heidleberg's Genny Heatherh.  We do sell the best German Shepherds!

Champion Heidleberg's Nashville v Oklahoman (Noah)

Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg’s Nashville v Oklahoman (Noah) is co-owned by D. Pierce and Keystone German Shepherds.  Noah is out of our GCh. Ch. and Best in Show (BIS) Winner Heidelberg's Oklahoma Natashac (Kay) and Ch. Heidelberg's Samson v Jackih.  We do sell the best German Shepherds!

Champion Heidelberg's Kelsey Queridad

Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg’s Kelsy v Queridad is owned Keystone German Shepherds. 

2011 Champions

Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg’s Kodiak v Queridad CGC (Kodi) is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  GCh. Ch. Kodi is also a full time Medical Alert Service Dog. He has been a great producer and OFA'ed Excellent.  Kodi is a 90 pound German Shepherd Dog, but his offspring males are consisently weighing 100 pounds and his females offspring are weighing 85 pounds, and they are within the German Shepherd Dog heigth standard.  Read more about our hero, GCh. Ch. Kodi on our temperament page.

Champion Heidelberg's Velvet Atlantan

Champion Heidelberg's Velvet Atlantan was bred by Keystone German Shepherds and is owned by John and Anita Schumacher. Ch. Velvet is out of Ch. Heidelberg's Samson v Jackih and Heidelberg's Atlanta Natasha. We do sell the best German Shepherds!

2010 Champions

Champion Heidelberg's Genny Heatherh

Champion Heidleberg's Genny Heatherh is owned by Keystone German Shepherds. I loved this dog and I can hardly think about her without getting melancholy.  We lost Genny in 2011 to lepto shortly after she finished her Championship.  The veterinarians were too late in correctly diagnosing her for us to save her with simple antibiotics.  Genny was my shadow and loved me even more than I will ever know.  Fortunately she had just finished raising the litter that produced our Ch. Heidelberg Zeke v Gennyh (Kolby) so that we are able to continue her wonderful line. 

Champion Heidelberg's Stefanie Missyw

Champion Heidelberg's Stefanie Missyw is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Stefanie finished her Championship in three weekends going best of breed in several shows. Stefanie produced beautiful puppies that are the complete packages including temperament and conformation. Stefanie was whelped from the last litter of our 2001 Ch. Heidelberg's Missy v Whispero and our 2004 Ch. Heidelberg's Dargo v Angeliq.  Stefanie has Missy's beauty and Dargo's movement.

2009 Champions

Grand Champion Heidelberg's Oklahoma Natashac Best in Show Winner

Best in Show Winner (BIS) Grand Champion Champion Heidelberg's Oklahoma Natashac (Kay) is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Kay finished in three weekends going breed every day and winning several group placements.  Thanks to Brian Livingston and Andrea Hesser, Kay is our first BIS Winner and multiple Group Winner.  Kay was originally going to go by the call name "Oklahoma", but that was too long of a word to use as a call name.  Therefore, her name was shortened to "OK", but eventually that was shortened to "Kay".

In 2009 at Kay's first competing show, I showed her in the 12 to 18 month class, I won the class, but Kay was jumping and playing not showing well at all because she was too happy to be with me.  Brian Livingston, one of the best professional handlers in the country, saw Kay with me in the show ring.  After I won the class, Brian came up to me and said, 'if you will let me show her for the rest of the weekend, I'll show her for free, and I guarantee that she will go Best of Breed and win in the Groups.  Kay won Best of Breed and took Group 1 and just missied out on winning Best in Show.  The next day she won Breed and took Group 2.  Kay is a superstar that rarely comes around.  Below is another picture of Kay.

Grand Champion, Champion Heidelberg's Oklahoma Natashac (Kay)

BIS GCh. Ch. Heidelberg's Oklahoma Natashac (Kay) was also the first Grand Champion German Shepherd in the state of Oklahoma and one of the first in the nation.

Champion Heidelberg's Bogie v Charisman

Champion Heidelberg’s Bogie v Charisma is owned by Keystone German Shepherds and co-owned by Linda Pryor.  Bogie has been a top producer the last three years and his puppies are large and well balanced with solid temperaments.


Champion Heidleberg's Marlin v Renac (Trooper)

Champion Heidelberg's Marlin von Renac (Trooper) is owned by Susan Wasson and co-owned by Keystone German Shepherds. Ch. Trooper is one of the smartest dogs produced by Keystone German Shepherds, and he has a way of looking right through you. He is retired from the show ring but spends his time babysitting a toddler and two young boys. The Wasson family also purchased Heidelberg's Fern Atlantan (KD) from us.  We do sell the best German Shepherds!

Champion Heidelberg's Querida v Diamond (Querida)

Champion Heidelberg's Querida Diamond owned by Keystone German Shepherds fits her namesake well.  Querida meaning darling in Spanish, and she is a darling. She is Dam to our GCh. Ch. Kodi and GCh. Ch. Kelsey.  Querida always wants to please me and she shows it in the ring as well as at home. 

2008 Champions

Champion Heidelberg's Tundra v Heatherh (Tundra)

Champion Heidelberg's Tundra v Heath is owned by Keystone German Shepherds. Tundra is striking and probably the favorite of many of our customers.  He is a Trojan in the show ring with a rare combination of a long gait and unbelievable coordination. 

Champion Heidleberg's Natasha Cheyene

Champion Heidelberg's Natasha Cheyenne is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Natasha is the Dam of our BIS GCh. Ch. Kay.  Natasha literally was the perfect bitch in temperament, movement, structure, and coat.  At the top of the German Shepherd Dog heighth standard for females, she towered over most of her competition.  I have never understand why judges prefer to see tiny little bitches and then great big males.  You do not produce big impressive males without big impressive bitches.

Champion Heidelberg's Samson v Jackih (Samson)

Champion Heidleberg's Samson v Jackih is owned by Linda Pryor.  Samson was bred by Jonathan and Debbie Bundick.  While Samson, is not one of Keystone German Shepherds breedings, I beleived it appropriate to include him because he has sired several of our current dogs and Linda Pryor and I worked together to campaign and show him to his Championship.  Just a lovely big masculine dog, and thank you to Linda Pryor for letting us breed to him.

2007 Champions

Champion Heidelberg's Ruger v Novac

Champion Heidleberg's Ruger v Novac is owned by Ed & Coleen Elles.  Ruger is one of our breedings and was traded for Samson.  He is a solid beautiful male champion.  Congratulations to Ed and Coleen Elles for doing such a great job with Ruger.  We do sell the best German Shepherds!

2006 Champions

Champion Heidleberg's Oliver v Diamond

Champion Heidelberg's Oliver v Diamon (Cyrus) is owned by Keystone German Shepherds. Cyrus was sold as a potential show and breeding prospect as a young puppy to a young man from Tulsa, Oklahoma.  However, after raising Cyrus, the man had to return him because his job required too much travel to keep Cyrus.  We bought Cyrus back, and he became one of our all time best producers.  Cyrus is out of our Ch. Heidelberg's Gunter v Whispe. We do sell the best German Shepherds!

2004 Champions

Champion Heidleberg's Dargo v Angeliq

Champion Heidelberg's Dargo v Angeliq is own by Keystone German Shepherds.  Dargo was on the smaller size, but produced large males and females.  Dargo had an unbelievable magnetism and charisma in the show ring.  Dargo produced BIS GCh. Ch. Heidelberg's Oklahoma Natashac, Ch. Heidleberg's Stefanie Missyo, Ch. Heidelberg's Genny Heatherh, Ch. Heidelberg's Rugerv Novac, and Ch. Heidelberg's Tundra v Heath.  What a wonderful little German Shepherd Dog! 

Champion Heidleberg's Gunter v Whispe

Champion Heidelberg's Gunter v Whispe is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Ch. Gunter produced Ch. Heidleberg's Natasha v Oklahoman and Ch. Heidelberg's Oliver v Diamon (Cyrus). 

Champion Heidleberg's Amazon v Whispe

Champion Heidleberg's Amazon v Whispe (Chief) is owned by Denise Bussey and co-owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Chief is out of Champion Oregon v Burmak (Bismarck). Chief produced GCh. Ch. Heidelberg’s Kodiack v Queridad CGC and GCh. Ch. Heidelbergs Zeke v Gennyh. Chief well matches his namesake "Amazon" because he is big powerful German Shepherd Dog.  We do sell the best German Shepherds!

2001 Champions

Champion Heidelberg's Missy Whipero

Champion Heidelberg's Missy Whispero is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Missy is the perfect picture of the female German Shepherd Dog. Probably the prettiest German Shepherd Dog I ever produced. 

2000 Champions

Champion Heidleberg's Oregon v Burmak

Champion Heidleberg's Oregon v Burmak (Bismarck) is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Bismarck has an impeccable temperament.  Bismarck is one of the foundations of Keystone German Shepherd Dogs. Bismarck is the Grand Sire of GCh. Ch. Heidleberg's Kodi.  Read the hero stories about Bismarck and Kodi on our Temperament page.

Champion Heidleberg's Winsome Umberb is owned by Keystone German Shepherds and is a loving and sweet bitch that was a great producer for Keystone German Shepherds.  Ch. Winsome is a very protective female willing to give her life for her family.

1999 Champions

Champion Heidelberg's Frantz v Ollie

Champion Heidleberg's Frantz v Ollie (Frantz) is owned by Keystone German Shepherds.  Frantz was five when he finished his Championship, and he was a sweet beautiful dog that is missed.